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Ageing with style

ageing with style

A glance at the pictures from the 2020 Oscars will show that the red carpet had its fair share of mature attendees and that they were certainly holding their own in the style stakes. Of course, they may well have had a lot of help from professionals, but the fact still remains that you can successfully update your style as you mature without breaking the bank. Here are some tips.

Have regular wardrobe clear outs

As a minimum, get rid of clothes which have stopped fitting you unless you either actually, genuinely love them and are prepared to keep them either for sentimental reasons or because you are sincerely prepared to commit to doing what is necessary to fit into them again, e.g. losing a bit of weight. This will avoid you giving up prime storage space to items you simply couldn't wear even if you wanted to. It can also make it easier to see what you do have.

Think about how changes in temperature impact you now

What are you going to do to keep cool when temperatures rise? Are you still comfortable walking around in shorts and a t-shirt or do you prefer to be covered up? If the latter, then you're going to need to think about choosing materials which can stand up to everyday wear without weighing you down. Cotton-mixes and linen-mixes can be good options here.

Similarly, you may find yourself feeling the cold more as you age. Thermal underwear can be a good investment, but you might also want to get smart about your outerwear options. For example, you might want lined and unlined jackets, plus some tweeds and different kinds of woolens so you can get your body to just the right temperature. There's nothing stylish about shivering with cold!

Be aware of your weight and any changes to it

Squeezing into clothes which barely fit you can be very uncomfortable, if not physically, then mentally. For example, it can leave you wondering whether or not fastenings are going to stay where they should be. If you're carrying excess pounds you'd like to lose, then you need to work out a strategy for dealing with your weight as it is and updating your wardrobe when it is what you want it to be. For example, you might want to look at clothes with a bit of stretch to them which can cope with changes to your body shape.

Keep track of your skin tone

Your skin can also change as you age and you may find that colours which were once perfect for you now do you no favours at all. Instead of crying about what's past and what you can no longer wear, look on the change as an opportunity to try something new.

Learn to sew and/or use a tailor

Adjusting off-the-peg clothes so that they fit you perfectly can make a huge difference to how they look. You might feel comfortable making simple alterations yourself, such as altering a basic hemline. For anything more complicated, however, you might want to think about using a proper tailoring service.

In short

Managing your wardrobe as you age has a lot in common with managing your finances as you age. You need to work out what's right for you both in the present and as you go into the future. Choosing the right option for you depends on knowing what your options are in the first place. This is why it can be very helpful to keep informed about what financial products are out there and ideally to get professional advice from time to time, at least before taking any big decisions, such as whether or not equity release is a good choice for you.

Equity release refers to home reversion plans and lifetime mortgages. To understand the features and risks ask for a personalised illustration.